Leaked email admits University failings while staff rage to students

Students have been left frustrated by MCampus. Picture © Jassy Earle

An anonymous source has leaked an email sent by Secretary of Court David Newall to all staff in which Mr Newall admits that the Mycampus system and its implementation has caused major upset on campus and been a great strain on staff as they try to implement it. He also stresses however the project has kept to its timescale for implementation and its £13.2M budget.

Mr Newall admitted that the problems and the subsequent workload have been considerably more onerous than expected and that at least some of these problems could have perhaps been foreseen. One Politics Professor has told students that course secretaries have been left completely overworked and overstressed by the new system’s problems.

The controversy around Mycampus has deepened since rumours have emerged that a final decision maker on MyCampus’ adoption was in fact a former employes of Oracle, the company that developed the MyCampus software in the first place. A Freedom of Information request has been submitted in the hope of uncovering the names of individuals behind the decision. In the meantime however, the legitimacy of the decision to adopt the system in the first place has been seriously questioned. Sources in Belfast suggest that users in Northern Ireland are already making plans to drop the system, while Belfast staff are still those training University staff in Glasgow.

More ominously for staff, Mr Newall’s email made allusions to the objective that by next year the system will save time by automating a lot of administrative processes. The logical conclusion is that saved staff hours will be turned into reduced waged hours in order for the university to be able to cut staff and save money.

Lastly Newall admitted that the team in charge of the Mycampus project will be examining the various problems that have been encountered, and asked staff for issues they would like raised.
Overall the email is a calm request asking staff to bear with the University and not to stir up trouble. Whether staff will pay any attetion to this request may be an entirely different matter.

[Theo Wheatley].

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