Scientology, officially a con?

Breaking from the traditional silence which is upheld by Scientologists on their religion, one disgruntled congressional member spoke out against the rising amount of money which members are expected to donate in order to be ‘spiritually enlightened’.

In an email sent to 12000 other Scientologists Debbie Cook warned her brethren that the large amount of money which they are now expected to put up is not backed up by the great Hubbard’s teaching but merely a ploy, created by the current leader David Miscavige, to create a surplus profit. Since taking over the cult in 1981 from L Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer and creator of the -cough- ‘religion’, Miscavige has caused a large amount of questionable media attention as reports have surfaced of him physical attacking colleagues and pressurizing members to donate large amounts of money with the promise of ‘enlightenment’. Ms Cook, who spent 30 years as part of the élite council of Scientologists, claims that Miscavige has amassed unused reserves of over $1 billion (or £640 million) supposedly from celebrities rocketing the insane sect to ‘cool’ status.

Scientology, which is essentially talking about your problems so that you feel better about them, has increased in popularity over the years with shocking speed, despite being based on the work of an author of fantasy books and stems from us being from alien life forms. However the rising popularity, especially in the States has caused concern in the global community at large. Enormous churches now litter the Los Angeles sky line and the Church of Scientology in San Francisco has its head quarters in the commercial-business area of the city. Its congregation amounts to 3.5 million people at the last count in 2007, 1800 of those in the UK, and has undoubtedly risen in the past few years.

Debbie Cook, who was obviously brushed aside by Miscavige who claimed her to be ‘unenlightened’, remains true to her religion, despite the fact that she just proved that part of it was a con to get money and says that other beilevers should ignore Miscaviage and only give money when it can be supported by Hubbard’s teaching i.e. when you pay someone to listen to your problems or when they need to build the spaceship to return to the mother-world.
[Lucy Howell]


  1. “Its congregation amounts to 3.5 million people at the last count in 2007,”

    Say what? It is GENEROUSLY about 40,000 worldwide, and shrinking rapidly. Lucy, please, at least make the pretence of doing some actual research before posting stuff. And maybe use a spell check (Miscaviage) too.

  2. Scientology has some very interesting technology to help people. It doesn’t matter if Ron Hubbard wrote fantasy books really does it? If people like it then there must be value there.
    David Miscavige on the other hand is truly a sick individual. I have met with many people who have worked with him and they describe him as a real psycho using the religious cloaking device as a sheild to bilk money and abuse people. He should be stopped, but the philosophy should be left up to individual application.

    1. As an atheist I see scientology as just another belief system though more like Bhuddism than Christiabity.

      I’ve nothing against the core beliefs but I do have issues with the church of scientology and its “dear” leader David Miscavige.

      The church of scientology is an abusive, corrupt and corrupting entity that doesn’t actually care a hoot about its parishoners.

      The church of scientology claims to be able to help its parishoners cope better with life and yet it shamelessly encourages and facilitates them to get so carried away with scientology that they get into crippling debt paying for services. And that’s just one issue.

      BTW – the church of scientology cash reserves have been estimated conservatively as $2billion US and more outlandishly as $17billion US based on info on their income extrapolated backwards and insider tips. That’s cash reserves not including buildings and other non liquid assets. On paper it is financially huge in reality the “bums on seats” are in decline; lots of fancy buildings but no one to fill them.

      The recent advertising campaign in the USA was designed solely to address Debbie Cooks’ allegation that the church of scientology was not doing any dissemination. An expensive and rather ineffective token gesture.

  3. I think Paul is one of the plants $cientology uses to scan the internet for articles about their cult, and argue against it’s detractors.

  4. Actually the main beliefs of Scientology is that we’re all infested with the ghosts of dead aliens, just Google for the Xenu story. Of course it costs ‘church’ members hundreds of thousands in cash before they get that big revelation. Numbers aren’t that high either because more and more people are waking up to the fact the whole thing’s one big scam. The American Religious Identification Survey in 2008 put estimated members in the US at only 25,000.

  5. I think [Lucy Howell] is stupid and wrote those lines to get her $50 and go home drink scotch.
    It’s not news, it’s some idiot’s unprofessional opinion on a subject she knows nothing about.

    1. @Paul your a typical scientologist attacking critics with slurs about drink/drugs or sex allegations , supprised you did’nt say read a book .

    2. Actual I was a little non plussed by this article Paul, it kinda sits on the fence but I agree it isn’t well researched. Had it been well researched it would have of course been rather more scathing of the church of scientology and especially the one responsible for what it does today, David Miscavige.

      How much more of parishoners’ donations must David Miscavige throw at silly buildings and the legion of sleazy private investigators and dodgy lawyers he uses to act out his vindictive nature before the remaining parishoners wake up?

      There’s a reason doubt has been made a high crime, so parishoners don’t doubt David Miscavige. That said, do a doubt formula honestly and you will wake up to the truth.

    3. The usual scene, then – why even spend a line for that. But as something “the forth time presented for swallowing” it can still reflect some truth. Choose between chuck up of it after swallowing, for the next readers, or chuck up on what is described is happening in the Church of Scientology. Makes no big difference -undigested puke all around, anyway.

      The only way in which some valuable techniques and procedures of life improvement systematized by Hubbard can be rescued out of the puke which Scientology has evolved to, is cleaning them out of each ideological and dominating and “only true” context. Forget they are Scientology. Just know and use them where of use … Then they can help new cultures flourish and prosper, which’s fruit can be very
      appetizing. Scientology has gambled away it’s chance to ever get attractive again. Crazy to cling to this name, or to Hubbard, or in lack of the latter, to the PURE despot of no fair value Miscavige. Hubbard may have been a despot too, but with quite some fair values on the balance…

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