Walk Tall. Two students plan to run the London Marathon on stilts

If Pheidippides had run the twenty six miles back to Athens from the Battle of Marathon on stilts (490bc), the Greeks would probably all be

Speaking Persian now. Running at a great height can be extremely difficult (I am 6”5 and have enough difficulty running as it is).

In possibly the most inspiring story to emerge from the sporting world since those Jamaican guys from award-winning documentary Cool Runnings failed to slide down that big icy hill despite being trained by expert hill-slider/deceased actor John Candy, two Glasgow students, one of whom is also a part-time circus performer, are attempting to run the London Marathon in stilts. On the 22nd of April, 2012, Rachel Callaghan and David Banks hope to completely annihilate global stilt-icon Michelle Frost’s measly Guinness world-record breaking time of 8 hours and 25 minutes, hopefully raising £10,000 for the nspcc as well.

Whilst both are nervous about travelling through London at ideal pigeon flying height, Rachel’s biggest concern is as to ‘how much pain she’ll be in the next day’. Hopefully these two noble students brave attempts go down in marathon history. Will it be the biggest thing to rock the marathon world since Paula Radcliffe took a dump on the road in 2005? Or since Muslim extremists attempted to blow up the concept of ‘the marathon’ in Chris Morris’ award-winning documentary Four Lions? This journalist says a resounding yes. But it wont be easy, and they require all the donations they can get!

You can donate at http://uk.Virginmoneygiving. Com/team/stiltathon. The marathon takes place in just over two months. The first fifty donors will be placed into a fantastic prize draw for a free stilt-walking lesson, a free meal, or a free house- cleaning. Your local stilters need you! Don’t let them down. [Sean Iles]

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  1. I assume you know the story of Sylvain Dornon and his escapades on stilts? If not, my blog today can tell you more. Not just races–he and his kin did LIFE on their stilts!

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