A Monster In Paris

Upon seeing the trailer for this movie, my first thought was that it was a horribly bad mash up of The Fly meets Phantom of the Opera. I’m surprised to say, I was wrong. Well, okay, it is a mash up of The Fly/Phantom; however, it wasn’t horribly bad. Just mostly bad.

I’ll give you a quick run down of the plot: thanks to some high jinks, a flea gets hit with a mix of growth formula and throat spray, meaning it can sing like an angel. It can’t actually talk, but go figure. After having been chased through the streets of Paris, it meets the lead female, an impossibly thin waisted soprano, who takes him in. Cue power mad Police Chief determined to kill the monster and make a name for himself, and that’s about it.

The animation was pretty average, about what you would expect from a CGI film. I thought the 3D was just a useless tacky addition; However, there was one small exception. I would like to go on record and state that more films should have 3D fireworks in them, as those are the mutt’s nuts.

Given that the film is all about singing, there is of course a litany of catchy tunes waiting to infect your hind brain and refuse to leave for days and weeks to come. Scarily enough, most of them sounded like Lily Allen’s ‘Not Fair’. Sitting watching a kids’ film whilst a song about premature ejaculation plays over and over in your head is a surreal experience to say the least. And not one I would care to repeat.

[Kenny Anderson]

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