The QMU Publications Committee, in their infinite wisdom, have granted me several hundred words to write on all things musical, that is all the things I can think of. I’ll try to write about recent gigs, upcoming gigs you simply cannot miss, new music from both well-known bands and relatively unknown ones and whatever else comes in between all of that.

I’ll get the ball rolling with a gig I went to not so long ago. The headlining band was Wild Flag, an all-female four piece from the US west coast. Their eponymous debut album was released way back in September and they’ve recently been touring some small venues across the UK. Most importantly they came to Glasgow to play the Oran Mor, which I’d never been to for a gig before. As a venue it’s somewhere above King Tut’s and (for space at least) way above Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, which means the tickets are a bit more expensive. The gig was definitely worth the price (and the fact I didn’t need to get into the city centre to see it). From the moment the band came on, they gave everything they had into the show. For a 41 year old, vocalist/guitarist Mary Timony gave one hell of an athletic performance. At one point she was on her back, moving around the stage, whilst killing it on guitar. The entire band had some serious skill when it came to playing their instruments and they were enjoying it more than the audience, they even took pictures of us at the end to remember the gig, which isn’t something bands usually do. Seeing as this is online I can chuck some links in for you to check out the bands I’m chatting about, so there you go.

For my next trick, I’ll tell you about Plumb, not the fruit because that would be boring and frankly quite irrelevant to everything else I’m writing, but the new album from Field Music. I’ll try and make this my only plant-related pun, but Plumb really has its roots in good old prog rock. If you like Yes then you will love this album. It doesn’t sound directly like Yes otherwise I might just tell you to listen to Fragile or another of their albums; it’s like 70s prog with a 2012 twist, like coke with lemon. Good like the original, but better. If you don’t believe me, those nice folks over at NPR have made the entire album free to stream here.

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