Kenny’s Corner: All Things Geeky

Welcome to the first blast from my little corner of the website! Those crazy folks at qmunicate have decided in their infinite wisdom that it would be a good idea for me to do a weekly column on, well, anything that could be considered geeky. Which gives me plenty of things to talk about, all things considered.

So, over the coming months (or weeks, once the qmunicate guys realise their mistake) I’m gonna be looking at a variety of different things which interest me, and hopefully will interest you as well. We’ll have games reviews, and I’m not meaning the electronic kind of game. I’ll be looking at recent happenings in the world of comics and bringing you updates on awesome geeky TV shows such as the new Thundercats and Green Lantern series. In addition, expect updates on the new Masters of the Universe Classics and other toylines, a look at the legacy of Jim Henson (best known as the creator of the Muppets), and maybe, just maybe, an interview or two with some interestingly famous geeks. Provided I can bribe them enough, that is.

Well, that’s me used almost half of this week’s space just gibbering about the future. Let’s look at what’s happening now…

About 6 months ago, DC comics did the biggest reboot to all their comic lines since the 1985 epic Crisis on Infinite Earths. For those of you who don’t follow comics, or have just been living under a rock since August, this reboot has set all the comics back to issue one, following some convoluted storyline about the Reverse Flash screwing with the timelines. Or something like that. As I said, it’s convoluted. Anyway, resetting the issues numbers isn’t just a cynical attempt to sell more comics, its also an attempt to make comics more accessible to the general public. The majority of the 52 storylines are set about 5 years after the emergence of the beings dubbed ‘superheroes’, and starts without any baggage from what has gone before. Of course, Superman is still an orphan from Krypton, raised in Smallville. Batman is still Bruce Wayne. But the specific details are still unknown, and are slowly being teased out with each issue. It’s a great jumping on place for new readers, unburdened with the weight of 75 years of history. All in all, it’s a good time to be a DC fan.

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