The man who is responsible for clogging your news feed for the past couple of weeks was found ‘in his underpants’ around 11.30am Thursday morning.

Calls to 911 suggested Jason Russell had been vandalising parked cars, was under the influence and had been masturbating. In public.

While most people have agreed with the lofty aims of the Kony 2012 project, it has been met with criticism almost since its inception.

Will the actions of its founder leave Invisible Children the subject of more ridicule? Or will it be an opportunity to reassess its methods, goals and contributors?

The father of two is apparently NOT being charged with any crime by local police forces and is currently ‘recovering’ from what Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey calls ‘exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition’. Sounds a lot like ‘tired and emotional’ to us.

For more coverage, check out the Huffington Post
and TMZ for a developing timeline.

If you somehow still haven’t seen the video. The Kony 2012 website can be found by clicking here.

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