In case the colourful T-shirts, cheerleaders, hula-hooping and free sweets around campus didn’t tip you off, the QMU Board of Management Annual Election was held on Thursday 1st March. There was a definite buzz around the QMU this week. Well over a hundred people filled Jim’s Bar for Hustings on Tuesday to ask the Candidates questions; indeed, so keen were the voters to quiz the hopefuls that the event ran two hours over! On election day campaigners thronged around the QM, handing out bribes in sweetie form in a desperate attempt to secure as many votes for their candidate as possible. Possibly because of the sugary incentive the election turn-out was also around 600 despite the heavy afternoon rain, a significant growth on last year’s turn-out.

Amongst the most hotly contested positions were the three Current Student Representative (previously Ordinary Board) Constituencies, with seven candidates fighting it out for the four CSR B positions. Uncontested positions included Honorary Secretary, which was taken by Lauren Hinton and Assistant Honorary Secretary, to which Euan Murphy was elected. The post of Campaigns and Charities Convenor was also uncontested and won by Robin Callaghan. Social Convenor, Events Convenor and, of course, President were contested however. For Social Convenor, former Board member Bateman McBride and former Social Lieutenant James Ansell went head to head, Ansell slimly beating McBride by 13 votes. The position of Events Convenor went to former Events Lieutenant and Current Student Representative Paul Kelly, who beat Events Committee member Amy Johnston by 40 votes. Ruaraidh MacIntyre won the uncontested post of Former Student Member and Tom Kelly won the post of Publications Convenor, earning him the honour of leading the editing team of this magazine next year.

Paddy Hughes, former Social Convenor, and Colum Fraser, former Assistant Honorary Secretary, were the candidates for QMU President. Initially it appeared to be an extremely close race, both Candidates having a mass of respectively purple and red wearing supporters campaigning with dedication on the day, some for over 10 hours. In the end, Colum Fraser proved the victor, winning by a landslide majority of 402 against 161. 

The successful Current Student Representatives were Katie Irvine, Alice Black, Hannah Brand, Chris Sutcliffe, Alan Compton, Jo Reid and Becky Male. The two CSR C positions, which are open to first year candidates only, went to Andrew McAllister and Mhairi Elaine Bruce. For most of the newly elected Current Student Representatives this will be their first term on the QM Board, with Jo Reid being the only exception.

Current President Kirsty Hill told me, ‘I’m really looking forward to working with the new board. I wish the newly elected Executive and Convenors the best of luck – but you won’t be getting rid of me for another 4 months!’
[Suki McFarland]

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