Zulu Winter, Landscape

Sometimes an entire album can be summarised by its opening moments. The opening notes of “Language” bleed together effortlessly as the drums slowly build, the shimmering vocals building the emotive overture as the chorus peaks timidly, willingly. Not only is “Key To My Heart” something Coldplay would be proud to produce for their next album, it manages to capture everything that is great about Zulu Winter’s debut, an album that mixes ethereal electronica, mystical rhetoric and a sound that almost flawlessly could be described as Two Door Cinema Club covered in cobwebs and glitter.

Driving melodies and lyrics that feel like they’ve been lifted from a Top of the Pops-esque interpretation of Narnia do well to cement “Language” as a great rock-pop affair. Solid offerings such as “Bitter Moon” and “Silver Tongue” feel effortless and atmospheric, a pleasure to listen to. Elsewhere, “We Should Be Swimming” and “Let’s Move Back to the Front” offer up looping choruses that not only have a strong mix of instrumental sounds (feeling reminiscent of the likes of Scandi-pop trio Miike Snow) but could function as full-blown dance tracks if you turn the bass up high enough.

The album isn’t without fault, sometimes the chorus lines can be rehashed one time too many and some melodies may not be the most artful of constructions but Zulu Winter have a lot of more to say in terms of their musical output; “Language” is just the first chapter.

Zulu Winter’s debut album, Language, is out Monday 14th May.

[Adam Sorice]

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