So, Ridley Scott, you’ve finally decided to come crawling back to the Alien franchise have you? Prequel, you say? Well, goodbye Sigourney Weaver; Hello, Noomi Rapace, whose face I must say is very distracting. Why does it look like it’s caked in make up to look natural? Does make up not get better in the future?

Anyway, Prometheus is what I’m here to review, and if you don’t want to read a full review, the best way to describe this movie is: It’s alright. It’s a prequel to one of the finest examples of both sci-fi and horror – Alien – and tries its best to do it all over again. The over-complexity of the storyline does however ruin any chances of this. Alien was simple- alien comes on ship, alien kills everyone on ship; easy. Prometheus adds a whole level of philosophy when trying to scare you, something about our creators being aliens and such. Either way it proposes more questions than it answers.

The real saving grace in this film is the acting talent, with Elba and Theron acting their asses off. Michael Fassbender steals the show though, and as a robot nonetheless. When will people just accept he is the perfect actor for every role? I would watch this film again purely for his performance. The movie has accepted the change of the times, so rather than have people scared from tense and anxious moments, it is just overly gory. It gets disgusting in places. In all honesty, there is very little I can say about this movie, because I myself don’t know how I feel. It has great acting and the scenes are beautiful, but it leaves too many unanswered questions and is just not entertaining enough.

Now that I consider it, there was also some terrible acting; that stupid Scottish woman needs to shut up. She has nothing worthwhile to say, and sounds like she has the worst dubbing since The Room. There was also possibly the worst scriptwriting I have heard in a long time. The biggest cliché was pulled right of the bag. All I could think was ‘Charlize, I thought you deserved that Oscar but not anymore’. If a horror sci-fi film is want you are in the mood for, just buy Alien. If you must see this film, just don’t get your hopes up. It’s technically a really great film, but you need to really not care about being entertained. I guess it’s like watching a Wes Anderson film.

Next time, Moonrise Kingdom.

[Kerr Stevenson]

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