Comedy in Jim’s Bar always promises to be a great night, and this was no exception. With a selection of comedians from 3 separate continents and 5 different countries, it was a multicultural comedic bunch. The night was kicked off by the first foreign influence, American comedian Sarah Cassidy, who did an admirable job of compering the crowd with some tips on how to get the most out of cute animal pictures. She introduced the first act, a wild looking man, Richard Brown. Richard turned out to have hidden a topical and intelligent mind for jokes behind his shaggy hair and beard, and was very sharp in his humour.

The next act was the furthest travelled, having come from Australia. Geoff Gawler was witty, loud and altogether very funny, despite not having a leg to stand on (quite literally;  he’d broken it somehow). Crutches and all, he was very amusing. The final act of the 1st half brought an altogether darker yet still hilarious tone to the stage, Adam Struth. With his tales of death and Govan, Struth managed to make the crowd cringe and laugh at the same time. The break was followed by Paul McGuinness, a brilliant Northern Irish act that led us with him on his journey through masturbation from the 90’s to today, where he can’t go a minute without saying ‘pussy’.

The final act of the night was Liam Withnail. Having compered a previous Jim’s Bar night in Freshers’ Week, he returned as the headliner for this gig. He did not disappoint, and had the whole place in stitches with his comedy beatboxing of the Nazi Synthesiser. All in all, a great night, and an excellent bunch of comedians, well worth the £1 entry. If you weren’t there this time, come along next time!

[Cian Langan]

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