If you’re not already a fan of the Madagascar films, shame on you! If you are, then you’ll definitely enjoy this latest (and hopefully the last because it sucks when film makers drag out a good thing by making a gazillion sequels) addition to the saga.

We still have our favourite lion, zebra, hippo and giraffe (accompanied by those ingenious penguins) try for the third time to get back to their home in New York. This time however, they have the whole of Europe to scale and scale it they do, as the pack moves from Monte Carlo, to Rome and even to good old London. Disguised as part of a travelling circus that just so happens to turn up exactly where they become stranded, the team have to battle not just the vast distance between them and the States, but also the evil genius that is Captain Chantel DuBois, the head of animal control.

It’s quite interesting that directors Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath chose a circus as their form of disguise, as it is now considered an out-dated and fairly monstrous form of entertainment. They get round the animal cruelty aspect of normal circuses by making the penguins buy it (because that what penguins with money like to do), but in terms in changing opinions on circuses, they just prove that if you stick glow sticks, rockets, and a large amount of flashing lights on something, it instantly becomes better.

This film is a family-friendly, feel-good comedy that is great for all ages. Also, it would be perfect for anyone who is suffering from a really bad hangover, because you don’t have to think to enjoy the bright, garish colours or the pretty rockin’ soundtrack. There is also a brilliant rendition of ‘Non Je Ne Regrette Rien’, and just about every other popular song that you tell people you don’t like, but really you do. Of course, it does manage to occasionally include a slightly offensive slur, or a stereotypical character from a lot of European countries, but because they also make fun of Americans and even Canadians it balances out okay.

[Lucy Howell]

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