Green Day’s new album proves that they’re a band that deserves many plaudits for their dedication to the recycling effort. Rather than bother using time, effort and energy writing a new album, they’ve simply regurgitated their previous two albums into one easy-to-listen-to package. Whilst listening through Uno!, I found myself on at least five separate occasions going “I swear to fuck I’ve heard this song before.”

It’s American Idiot: Part 3. The music is the same, the style is the same, and the lyrics are the same tediously repeated bullshit you’ve heard before on American Idiot and American Idiot Part 2: 21st Century Breakdown.
I don’t have a problem with a band that have a definite direction for their sound, but when they release an album which sounds like the previous two albums stapled badly together, it just seems like it’s time for them to stop. Seriously. In the notes I took while listening, one song is simply marked “Oh God.”
In short, if you liked American Idiot, you’ll probably like this album. Because it sounds exactly the same. If, like me, you prefer their old stuff, then join me in re-listening to International Superhits and remembering the good ol’ days.

[Bryce Johnston]

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