Glasgow Garage Thursday 25 October, 7:00pm [£15]

After a couple of warm up gigs down south, Lacuna Coil are coming back to Glasgow for the real thing. On Thursday 25th October the Dark Legacy tour continues at The Garage. Their gothic imagery inspired mix of contrasting vocals, prominent bass lines and epic guitar lines has never sounded better!

The Milan based group haven’t been back to the UK since they headlined the ‘Survive’ tour in September 2010. Since then the band have been busy working on their new album Dark Adrenaline, which was released in January of this year. The band then took a lengthy break from recording so they could learn Simlish in order to release a translated version of ‘Kill The Light’ as a special surprise for all those Coilers who happened to buy a copy of The Sims 3: Supernatural. ‘Trip the Darkness’, the first single from the new album, has been a big hit with fans who have heralded it as ‘a return to the band’s original, dark sound’. The single has yet to be translated for The Sims but until then I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the live version in boring old English. The band will be playing a 2 hour set featuring music from all their albums, so get down to the Garage for a thoroughly awesome show.

[Rael Goodall]


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