There is not a word in any known language that can do proper justice to the most epic Bond film of the past few years. I am not a fan of Daniel Craig’s rough and rugged approach to the character – I’m not even a huge Bond fan – but this film was just freaking kick-ass.

Taking a similar approach to a few films in recent years, like Men in Black, whose characters are cracking on a bit in the great circle of life, this film makes many side comments about younger generations replacing the old, outdated traditionalists. Though true to Bond style, these digs don’t go unpunished as we see a hark back to classic Bond eras in terms of both music, and a certain famous car, which only goes to show that old dogs still have a few new tricks.

In terms of the new approach to Bond, with its huge explosions, absurdly long gun battles that cost who-knows-how-much to film, and flashy state of the art gadgets, this film takes a more conservative approach. Don’t worry, they’re still there, but more in the James Bond style of older generations, which perfectly fits the whole film’s mentality.

Few times have I wanted to applaud a film as the credits start to roll, but this one I honestly did. It had action, excitement, and even a very homoerotic moment with James and the film’s villain Silva, played by the wonderful Javier Bardem.

Go see this film. Then tell your friends, and go with them to see this film. Then buy the DVD and watch it a million times. It’s the best Bond in years.

 [Lucy Howell]

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