Lucky Number Seven

Well if you haven’t heard yet we are finally getting Star Wars Episode VII, this news comes after Disney acquired Lucasfilm for $4 Billion. I am more than surprised at this news, not because it’s unlikely, but because there were no rumours, no leaks just good old fashioned secrets.


Now let’s consider the implications of this buyout, first off good news for Pixar fans, as some may know Pixar started off at Lucasfilm and has kept close connections since using their facilities for production of some of their best films. This can only be positive then for those who wish to see an increase in quality in Pixar animation since the combined efforts from the two companies will really push forward the technology.

On the other hand what can this mean for fans of Lucasfilm? Well avoiding the Star Wars aspect a moment, will we be seeing an Indiana Jones 5 now? Disney is not one to shy away from large properties and the production could be to the scale required but is there any demand after Indy 4? Either way no announcements have been made as yet on that front so we will just wait and see. Star Wars VII is what we are really interested in sadly very little news was given, it will be released in 2015 and George Lucas will have minimal involvement. Three years away seems incredibly close considering the scale required for such a project but it can only be assumed that this deal has been worked on for quite some time behind closed doors and apparently an outline has been produced for a future trilogy. This is a large positive, George Lucas should obviously have a say in the project but should not be allowed to direct or write the screenplay since the best (Episode V) wasn’t done by George but the prequels all we’re. There are also the large budgets that Disney gives to its films, if John Carter can get quarter of a billion then I’m sure episode VII could get a sufficient budget.

The real question is: do we need more Star Wars films? After the prequels is the demand still there? Well in my humble opinion why not make them, it won’t change the original three (God knows that’s happened before too many times) and if they suck just forget them and watch the real trilogy and if they are amazing then finally a worthy successor to the trilogy. My main concern is the influence Disney will have over the story and characters. It’s no secret Disney are hit and miss with their films and they can sometimes be too heavily involved with a romance sub-plot that is made too blindingly obvious by long stares into cameras (Pirates 4). And other times they can make some great movies, such as Pirates 1 or Tron 2, where the romance doesn’t feel like a waste of time. Also the entirely happy endings to some of Disney’s live action films with just enough left unresolved for a sequel can really piss me off, this is however something that isn’t exactly uncommon in the Star Wars Universe.

Realistically I’m excited to see what can be done with this acquisition and you never know we might finally get the next great chapter in the Star Wars saga, and if not at least lightsabers will be everywhere again.

[Kerr Stevenson]

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