It’s that time of the month again, when the QM play host to some of Glasgow’s funniest and bravest comedians in an effort to entertain an eagerly awaiting crowd.

Compere Daniel McChrystal started the night with a bang as he made himself a little bit more friendly with some of the audience members, yet still managed to get a couple of harmless digs at just about every subsector of society. He was excellent at warming up the scattered crowd and kept a running pint total throughout the night- bless him; he was awed by our bar prices. He also had an epic rant about babies that was brilliantly received.

The first comic of the night was greeted by a Mexican wave of applause, and what this boy lacked in years (he was only 18) he made up for in wit. Young Scot Laird’s act was largely belittling himself and his youthful appearance; he looks about 5. From trying to pull girls, to being slaughteringly drunk, this sprightly little chap evoked a sense of forgotten memories of yesteryear that only now, we can look back on and laugh – or we could just laugh at him.

The next act was Glasgow University student Cian Langan, who was able to fill in for another injured act. Despite what seemed to be a case of nerves (which was understandable) he was genuinely quite funny. Again using himself as his main topic, he joked easily about his trouble losing weight, and various other topical subjects and though his act was short, it was clever, funny and got the crowd laughing.

After a brief break which involved QMU President Colum Fraser getting a shave in honour of Movember, the last act of the night came on: Rod Hunter. This mature gentleman used rather crass humor, which the audience seemed to like. Though I personally found his act about elderly sex quite vulgar, he made a point of joking about society’s perception of old people having sex – he knew his audience well. Each to their own however, and he rounded off an enjoyable night quite soundly. Not bad for only £1.

[Lucy Howell]

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