Whilst even major British acts like Muse took years to catch on State-side, this bunch of Yorkshire indie-poppers raced to the top earlier this year with an appearance on the David Letterman show alongside Michelle Obama. Quite some feat given that they still remain an unknown quantity on home soil.

Apparently Borderland was recorded in El Paso on a ranch that had previously been used for drugs and arms running. Unfortunately this is literally a hundred times more interesting than listening to the music produced for this album. Possibly the worst offender is the title track; a song audacious only in how heavily it baits U2 into suing their asses off. The Chevin hail from Otley, a small town near Leeds, so singing about life beneath the ‘desert sun’ just feels needlessly affected.

Elsewhere ‘Love is Just a Game’ and ‘Gospel’ pilfer liberally from other equally snore-some Brit-rock sources: Coldplay, Keane and White Lies. The ten tracks seem as if they’ve been designed to elicit arms-aloft euphoria but they feel so derivative you never engage with them enough to care about whatever frontman Coyle Girelli is over-emoting about. Unfortunately, despite their rapid rise, Borderland is a million miles away from the kick up the backside British guitar music needs.

[Max Sefton]

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