O2 ABC – Tuesday 13 November, 7.00pm [£18.50]

Anathema have never been a band willing to settle into a single genre or style of music, and this is especially true of their latest album Weather Systems. Its profound, deep, melodic sound is powerfully moving, ever drawing the listener onwards into the deeper and darker parts of their own mind.
This is especially astonishing given that the critic and fan response to their previous album, We’re Here Because We’re Here was incredible, setting the bar very high for the new release. Steven Wilson of prog legends Porcupine Tree described it as “definitely among the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on.”
However, the band have entirely risen to the occasion, bringing an intense, powerful album to light, recording it in various places around the globe which are important to the band, and combining a number of different genres and sounds to create something beautiful.
Their upcoming show in Glasgow supporting metal giants Opeth at the O2 ABC should be a phenomenal night of proggy, doomy, alt rock, with strong melodic and metal influences bleeding into their alternative, strongly identifiable sound. Head to the ABC on Tuesday to ensure you don’t miss out!
[Bryce Johnston]

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