I’ll get the criticism out of the way first, support act This Is She had some technical issues. The levels were a bit off in their first song and their inexperience showed a little when they were changing instruments. They more than made up for these minor faults with sheer enthusiasm. They clearly loved what they were doing and you could practically feel the glee they felt on their first ever tour. The best thing about their set was of course the music, and more specifically their quite successful attempt at turning Dubstep into actual music. Each band member contributed in at least two different ways throughout, with both the guitarists playing keyboards, the drummer making the Dubstep things happen in the background using a Mac and the singer, playing a floor tom and also trying her hand at keyboards for a short time in their last song.

After This Is She and one of the quickest turnovers I’ve ever seen, Lacuna Coil appeared on stage. The atmosphere changed, everyone including me started tensing up, then they started playing and everyone started jumping and dancing and just very clearly enjoying themselves. They fulfilled their promise and played songs from all of their albums including ‘Falling’, which was the first song in the small acoustic set in the middle of the show. This was great as it brought a bit of intimacy to the show and the songs they chose were fantastic acoustic songs. After the acoustic set they reminded us that we were at a metal gig with ‘Swamped’, and from thereon it was a full on energetic, metal gig. Highlights included ‘Survive’, ‘Trip the Darkness’ and ‘Spellbound’, which were just awesome and made the gig for me. They ended with ‘My Spirit’ and a very emotional dedication to Paul Grey and many other friends they’ve lost in recent years. This was a great end to a gig that was nonstop energy and enthusiasm, and if you ever get the chance to see Lacuna Coil live I would highly recommend it.

[Rael Goodall]

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