After last night’s 3-0 drubbing at the hands of a classy Juventus side left Chelsea teetering on the edge of becoming the first ever defending champions to exist the Champions League in the group stages, Roberto Di Matteo has “parted company” with Chelsea Football Club. Di Matteo was given the role as a caretaker manager following the sacking of Andre Villas Boas in March, and was given a two year deal to take over as manager in June.
Since taking over as Chelsea owner in 2003, Abramovic is ready to appoint his 9th manager, with only Jose Mourinho managing to last more than two full seasons. The apparent obsession of the Russian to have a manager bring the club success with both style and consistency has made this decision less shocking and sudden than some may think.
The implication that this decision was made long before last night seems to have been all but confirmed by the club’s statement, which confirmed that the club “will be making an announcement shortly regarding a first team manager” [Source:]. Early reports are also suggesting that former Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez was contacted prior to last night’s game in Turin, and Abramovic has never been shy in his admiration for former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola.  This all suggests an Avram Grant-esque sacking in which Abromovic has simply waited for his opportunity, in spite of any success, due to the manager not having the right style or reputation to lead his side. After all, this is the manager who led Chelsea to Champions League glory, which was seen to be Abramovic’s one concern as owner, as well as the FA Cup just six months ago. This goes without mentioning the simple fact that Chelsea were top of the Premiership just a few weeks ago following a very impressive 4-2 victory over Tottenham Hotspur.
With the nature of football as it is, it is unlikely that any manager will last as long as Mourinho did at Chelsea, simply because Abramovic expects unrealistic success in a bafflingly short period of time from a manager that will likely be stuck with whatever overpriced forward the owner has forced him to buy this time [See also: Fernando Torres, Andriy Shevchenko]. The simple nature of football suggests that consistency on the field relies on consistency off of it, and the dismay shown by Newcastle manager Alan Pardew, who has just signed an eight year deal, shows that although the Premiership is a cut throat industry, Abramovic’s style of sacking and hacking at Chelsea really is perhaps a step too far.

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