So Steps have got a Christmas album out. My boyfriend listened to it and was of the opinion that it’s ‘like someone shat on Christmas’. I wouldn’t go that far, but I won’t be singing its praises any time soon. ‘Light up the World’, the only original song on the album, has been hailed as a ‘big pop ballad’, but it falls short. There’s an unnecessarily big build up to a mediocre chorus. It’s got one of those annoying fade-out endings that seem a bit of a cop-out, and it’s nothing you’d turn the volume up and screech along to. None of the other songs are particularly recognisable, memorable, or even the sort of thing you’d listen to all the way through.

There’s an interesting cover of ‘When She Loved Me’ (of Toy Story 2 fame), but in all honesty it all sounds a bit too ‘Glee’. Their cover of ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ is a bit try-hard; it sounds like they’re aiming for a Tori Amos-like emotional ballad whilst forgetting the actual emotion. Lee and H have much more clout on this album, whereas Lisa, Faye and Claire (I’m not ashamed that I didn’t have to google their names) are usually demoted to backing singers. It’s not really clear who Light Up The World is aimed at, to be honest. It’s too dull and doesn’t have enough cheese to appeal to those of us who were fans fifteen years ago – there’s none of the rhythm of 5,6,7,8 to get your feet kickin’ and fingers clickin’, but it’s not catchy and sexy enough to appeal to today’s young teenagers either.

[Yasmynn Lloyd]


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