Tremors are a Glasgow-based band, and this EP is a refreshing collection of tunes that wouldn’t be out of place on a Summer playlist while walking along a beach on a not-quite-sunny-not-quite-rainy day.

That sounds oddly specific but these tracks bring back memories of the skate park on Brighton beach, and lazing around outside Electric Avenue arcade in Southend. Again, those memories are oddly specific but I’d hazard a guess to say that similar equivalents would be evoked in anyone listening to this.

‘East Sands’ actually is about walking along a beach though, and this is the stand-out track on the album. The drums and guitar perfectly compliment each other, and the vocals have an Ian Curtis-like quality (but an octave or two higher) that is haunting and ethereal.

The songs here all have this odd nostalgia triggering component, and despite obvious breaks between them, the tracks seem to lead into each other, as if documenting a single journey. They could easily be different parts of the same song (but maybe that’s the point of an EP, I’m not quite sure), yet retain distinctiveness.

If only Skins hadn’t turned shit, this could easily be used as the soundtrack to some character going on a mad drinking spree with their significant other and fleeing the authorities when they arrive, hiding amongst the sales racks in Primark…Sorry, I’m going on another nostalgia-wank and describing my life circa 5 years ago again. Just listen to it and you’ll see what I mean. Awesome.

[Joseph Nelson]

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