Wildlife marks The Lovely Eggs’ fourth studio album. The first track ‘Allergies’ gives a good idea of what to expect; vocals of a North-Eastern Debbie Harry over Undertones-esque guitar (aside from the whirligig, of course).

Aside from the songs obviously meant for radio play, there’s also some experimental tracks (‘David’s Turn’ is literally 9 seconds long). The album can be jarring, jumping from modern indie ballad to meta-rants, but there are a few hidden gems amongst the generic electro pop.

‘I Just Want Someone to Fall in Love With’ is one of these, managing to bring the all-too-common feeling of unrequited infatuation down to a child-like simplicity, taking the form of an anecdote about going to the shops. ‘Please Let Me Come Mooch Around Your House’ pretty much does the same thing, taking universal themes and reducing them to the mundane, making them seem futile, yet relatable.

After a while though, repeated riffs about someone not answering the phone, and the stupid weird things you’d do for someone you fancy get a bit boring and lead me to suggest that you just shove this album in a shuffled playlist. Despite this being a good record, with good tracks, it all sounds a bit like this…

Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I shall leave for you to judge.

[Joseph Nelson]

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