¡Dos! is an interesting album. That’s about the extent of what is unilaterally good about it. It combines the styles featured in their more recent pieces with their roots as the garage punk band that everyone loves for a rather unique composition of music. The unique quality, however, only applies when you compare this album to other bands; when compared to all the rest that Green Day has released, the result is that it sounds like everything they’ve ever done before, but more mediocre.

What has always made Green Day stand-out is the in-your-face conviction that they’ve had; no matter what their listeners said, they kept doing their own thing and developing their style as they wanted to, from Kerplunk to 21st Century Breakdown. With this album it feels as if they’ve capitulated to the crowd that has yelled at them to return to the days of Dookie since American Idiot came out, at the expense of their music. They retain most of the more sophisticated melody, while attempting to pull off songs like ‘Fuck Time’ and ‘Makeout Party’ on top of it, which results in it sounding like a dad trying to fit in with his son’s hip hop culture: cringe-worthy and embarrassing.

The rest of the songs are equally disappointing. ‘See You Tonight’ has no place on the album as a soft ballad, ‘Wild One’ ruins what could be a decent slow song with thinly stretched nonsensical rhymes, and ‘Nightlife; is just awful. Give this one a miss, punk rockers.

[Eugene Zhdanov]

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