Nov 26, Glasgow O2 Academy

For a band that only came into existence a couple of years ago, The Vaccines have come a long way. The band’s success is evident in the fact that they have packed out the O2 Academy, where, despite three fights breaking out before the first support act has even come on stage, the atmosphere is utterly incredible. A special mention has to go to the first support act, Deap Vally, a female blues rock duo who look vomited straight from the 70s, and channel an odd, yet surprisingly effective combination of AC/DC, Jack White and Dolly Parton, really managing to warm the crowd up.
Considering The Vaccines now have two albums under their belt, their set, at barely an hour long, is a lot shorter than expected, but this does not detract from the fact that what we do get is incredibly energetic and high-quality. The band may not spend a lot of time interacting with the crowd, but they still manage to maintain a good rapport and keep everyone on their feet and dancing throughout. The music itself is mostly fun, punky indie-rock, reminiscent of The Strokes or The Ramones. Bursting onto stage with high-energy number ‘Blow It Up’, they keep this level of energy throughout, and maintain a perfect balance between loud, fast-paced numbers and songs with a more laid-back, acoustic sound. While, at points, their sound runs the risk of becoming a little generic, it is important to bear in mind that this is a band that only formed in 2010, and, though they are clearly still evolving, they’ve come a huge way since then. If we take this tour as a sign of what to expect from The Vaccines in coming years, we have some big things to look forward to.

[Susie Rae]

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