Preview: Funeral for a Friend

Glasgow King Tut’s, Wednesday 13 February, 8.00pm, £14

When bands experience a change in line-up, the history books won’t always view it as a positive thing. Can anyone really say that their favourite Iron Maiden songs come from that questionable 90s period when Blaze Bayley was their frontman?

For Funeral for a Friend, line-up shifts are becoming good omens. Their 5th album, Welcome Home Armageddon, preceded by the addition of Richard Boucher on guitar, was critically acclaimed and reignited the band’s passion for writing anthems with ferocity akin to their early years. Now, with their soon to be released 6th record Conduit, Pat Lundy (formerly of Rise to Remain) takes over drumming duties for what has already been labelled their strongest release since 2003’s Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation.
Those lucky enough to nab themselves tickets for the intimate setting of King Tut’s will undoubtedly be treated to a high-octane set, filled with soaring set staples mixed in with new favourites. It’s not often a band can reclaim the fire they once had after a (debatable) lull, but Funeral for a Friend have come back swinging. If you weren’t on board the first time, now’s your chance to get involved.

[Scott Wilson]

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