Dinosaur Jr have been going long enough now to have become Dinosaur Senior. J Macsis’ thinning hair has a distinct silvery grey hue, his glasses are probably a higher prescription, and bassist Lou Barlow enjoys nothing more than a sit down and a rich tea biscuit. Between taking the grandkids to school they still find time to rock though. ‘Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know’ doesn’t indulge the band’s usual penchant for huge slabs of overdubbed guitar, instead  filling up the sonic space with organ drone and a twinkling piano. Their past selves would be pulling their still thick hair out, but the result is a pleasant indie feel, low fi and relaxed but with a punch to lift into the chorus . You still can’t really tell what the fuck Macsis is singing about, although it’s probably about chicks as usual, but it’s not important anyway. You won’t rock to this like ‘Freak Scene’ or ‘The Wagon’ but it’s perfectly enjoyable, although Lou Barlow still reckons Rich Tea’s are better. Not with a brew though, oh no, not with his bladder.

[Theo Wheatley]

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