Saturday Looks Good To Me is, in my eyes at least, a totally pathetic band name. Band names should be punchy and memorable. Take the ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ for example. A great name that rolls off the tongue as three affirmative monosyllabic beats. However the name Saturday Looks Good To Me is just some inane bit of arrangement making. They may as well have called themselves “Sorry I Can’t Do Thursday I’m Working” or “How About I Just Text You Next Time I’m Free”.

As for the music, well, here you must choose. Below is the cynical viewpoint I naturally veer towards. Afterwards is the version in which I soften my prejudices and try harder to enjoy the music for its merits, as I might were I naturally inclined towards this kind of music. Take your pick reader:

One Kiss Ends it All is another faceless indie album by an indistinct American indie band. Essentially SLGTM (as they know to the initiated) have just done what all indie bands do when they get a bit more popular and are granted a bit more cash to record their next album; whack up those production values, buy a bunch of new instruments and namedrop Brooklyn. It’s pretty similar in style to the album The Execution Of All Things by Rilo Kiley. If you like that kind of thing then go ahead knock yourself out.

One Kiss Ends it All, SLGTM’s eighth album since forming in 1999 has a distinct dreamy feel. Arpeggios, swirly organ drones and twinkly piano notes provide ground for vocals that sound like they’re in the next room. It’s comforting, soft and pillowy. A soundtrack to a slightly melancholy sunny afternoon, when it’s still warm enough to wear just one layer outside at 9 o’clock but you don’t have any more alcohol and you know you won’t enjoy yourself as much as you have that day for a while.

[Theo Wheatley]

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