“Pleasant” isn’t a strong word. It suggests that everything is merely fine, that what you’re experiencing certainly doesn’t offend you, but, you know, it’s all a bit adequate. Yet the very definition of the word suggests peacefulness, happiness, a spring in your step. Maybe if the word is capitalised – PLEASANT. Real Anymore is a PLEASANT wee album.

The journey flashes by in an instant; at less than 25 minutes, the mini-album doesn’t even begin to overstay its welcome. Just as the grainy tones of ‘Conversation’ are settling nicely in your ears, the trumpet-driven la’s of ‘Indie King’ are bringing proceedings to an (independent) film sized conclusion.

Along the way, lead single ‘Real Anymore’ is a finger-snapping, march-along infectious little track with an inspired brass section. ‘Psychic’ is an utterly charming ditty that will appeal to fans of ghost hunting show Most Haunted.

Vocalist / guitarist Adam Ross has a fluttery, songbird-like voice. If Tiny Tim were Scottish and not utterly terrifying, he would have likely fit into the sizeable Randolph’s Leap collective somewhere. The performances on each track sounds as raw as you could hope for, and indeed the whole thing was recorded at the homes of Ross and trombonist Pete MacDonald.

Foot tapping, humming along, replayability – Real Anymore has it all. It’s a compact little thing, adorable in every way, and a pleasure to listen to.

[Scott Wilson]

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