Volume 3 is, predictably, the 3rd Album from the duo of Zooey Deschanel and M.Ward but first of all I have to confess: I love Zooey Deschanel. I love her quirky stubbornness in New Girl; I love her style, her square glasses and little dresses but most especially, I adore her hair. That fringe, which occupies 50% of her face, somehow escapes looking ridiculous and instead gives her an allure of glamour and individuality. When she appeared without it at the Met ball, I knew that my own fringe will have to be grown out over the summer in pathetic tribute.

she and him

What I discovered on listening to Volume 3 though is that I also love Zooey’s voice. Each song has a soothing lullaby quality; her tone expressive while charming and light. Particularly infuriating is her cover of Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ partly sung in French. She can do anything. Excuse me while I go and weep at my own inadequacy… Some of the album is a bit wishy washy; lacking in drama and achieving little new. but I don’t really care about that and am happy to be lulled away by her soft tones into a fantasy where we are running together…. holding hands … through the sun-drenched fields… among the animals and butterflies… with our matching hair styles.


[Emily Boldry]

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  1. not a bad album, however, don’t think they are going to beat Volume 1 anytime soon, that sounded really fresh when it came out and had the surprise factor.

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