Wish to Scream opens with the aptly named ‘Dancehall’, which boasts an uplifting four to the floor piano line and pop standard guitar flourishes. Tribes are clearly aiming for mass sing alongs from crowd of flowery dresses and those dodgy woven cowboy hats as this summer beckons but as the following numbers pass in a mid-tempo malaise you find yourself thinking GIVE ME AN EXPLOSION, just anything to escape the predictability as one song rolls into the next. There’s a saxophone solo and a fashionable psychedelic rock wave surging through “Wrapped up in a Carpet” but whilst it’s a step in the right direction it still falls prey to over-instrumentation and bland chord changes. Wish to Scream is exactly what British music doesn’t require more of; it’s as bad as the X Factor protégés. Nobody wanted Sgt Pepper, or Jimi, or the Beastie Boys, but they damn well got it, and music evolved for the better. Music fans aren’t expecting a game changing record, but for goodness sake, show us you’re alive and not just breeding bland happy rock for cornflake adverts. Playing your cards so safe may sell you t shirts, but it certainly won’t win you any respect.

[Dom MacInnes]

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