The Family Rain – King Tuts – 02/06/13

Twenty years to the week since Oasis bulldozed their way onto the King Tuts stage and into our collective consciousness, another set of siblings prepare to make the same leap. It’s unlikely that tonight will be scorched so indelibly into rock history as that night in ’93 but nonetheless The Family Rain are certainly in the ascendancy, following the success of their slick single ‘Trust Me…I’m a Genius’.

family rainThey’ve been accused of taking up where Oasis disciples Kasabian left off but the three Walter brothers owe a greater debt to the blues-rock stylings of Free or AC/DC. Frontman William Walter delivers his vocals with his eyes fixed on the back of the room. With his dark, curly hair, leather jacket and scarf he looks like a natural rockstar and though tonight a viral throat infection leaves him chugging honey in-between songs, he’s a powerful presence.

As befits a band of brothers The Family Rain have a solid chemistry that brings to life tracks like ‘The Truth’ and the garage-squall of ‘Friction’. ‘Pushing It’ is an acid-glam stomp that speeds up as it hits the final chorus. Anchoring their recent EP with its mix of cavernous Led Zep boogie and catchy choruses it’s their best piece of songwriting so far and tonight they deliver it with plenty of swagger. William leaps from side to side and his twin brother hammers away at the kit.

Bathed in green lights, the second half delivers raucous bar-band tunes that rock harder than anything Kings of Leon have released in an album or three. To make up for the lack of a second guitarist the frontman’s bass is cranked up until the walls of King Tuts start to shake. Though this is the trio’s second visit to Glasgow, it is their first as a headliner and their hour long set shows that they already have no shortage of promising material. Closers ‘Carnival’ and ‘Trust Me…’ get heads nodding and the crowd cheers loudly as the trio exit, thanking them for coming out on a Sunday night. Not Oasis but a promising start.

[Max Sefton]

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