RDGLDGRN, Hector Bizerk – ABC 11/5

RDGLDGRN may win the award for the most difficult band name to pronounce this year (it’s Red Gold Green, also the monikers for each band member). Hailing from Washington DC, the trio fuse hip-hop and alternative rock surprisingly well – many have tried and failed to bring two very different musical landscapes together, yet this group seem to have broken the curse and created something pretty impressive. With support and praise from artists as diverse as Pharell Williams and Dave Grohl, who plays drums on the majority of their first EP, RDGLDGRN have the capacity to become a new source of inventive and compelling music.

RDGLDGRNTheir gig at ABC is supported by Glaswegian hip-hop group Hector Bizerk; despite being a man down, the band still manage to give the audience a stellar performance thanks to front-man Louie’s rapid fire delivery and commanding stage presence. Songs like “Party in A&E” and “Sometimes I Wander” are so good they convert even those embarrassingly unfamiliar with hip-hop.

RDGLDGRN, reminiscent perhaps of the equally genre-defying Red Hot Chilli Peppers, play songs from their eponymous EP, which includes the superb “Million Fans” and “You Should Do Less,” alongside others sadly absent from that record. It is “I Love Lamp” however that proves the stand-out track on the set list, and could easily become the track that makes them famous. It’s composed of awesome guitar riffs, plenty of hooks and of course some rap- enough to recruit the ABC audience as the latest RDGLDGRN followers. Front-man Green (you quickly accept that they are identified as colours) possesses the charisma and stage presence of Angelo Moor of Fishbone, yet the trio possess a sense of unity absent in the ageing Californian band. They may be different colours, but the group’s chemistry onstage is evident and adds to what makes them so unique.

With songs that are instantly memorable and an authentic chemistry, RDGLDGRN certainly justify the praise that has been bestowed on them and more; a totally original band that fuses genres and keeps the audience excited for the next track.

[Jonny Stone]

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