Remember when The Fratellis were a thing? Their songs played in beer adverts, they won a Brit Award and everyone in the west of Scotland claimed to have a vague Fratelli connection (true story: my uncle taught the drummer). This success however, proved difficult to maintain, and the follow up to Costello Music failed to match the same excitement and acclaim they had achieved so effortlessly in their debut. An apparent indefinite hiatus and solo efforts followed, but the band soon announced their return to touring and recording in 2012.

Seven Days, Seven Nights serves as the lead single of the new record. Essentially it recreates the typical sound of The Fratellis’ early work- easy to dance to, infectious guitar parts and Jon Fratelli’s charmingly gravelly voice- and in typical fashion they manage to present downbeat lyrics in a misleadingly positive tone; it’s hard to work lyrics like “My sunsets are strange / my time’s getting on / they’ll rip me to shred like it’s never been seen” into a typical toe-tapper, but they manage to pull it off. Lead singer Jon crowns himself “the comeback king,” but we’ll see if their latest effort reminds the masses of what a fun and energetic band The Fratellis can be.

Seven Days, Seven Nights doesn’t necessarily present us with anything we haven’t heard before, but fans won’t want to hear The Fratellis venturing into new thematic or sonic territory; they’ve stuck to the formula that made their earlier work memorable and popular, and if anything it’s nice to revisit 15-year-old-you’s favourite band again.

[Jonny Stone]

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