The most successful changes in vocalist happen when a band has their own signature sound ready for the newbie to step right into. On Empire of Light, Devil Sold His Soul hit new heights of critical acclaim alongside reaching new peaks with their soaring and melodic post-metal grooves. Now, new vocalist Paul Green has stepped up to replace original member Ed Gibbs; no mean feat considering how essential Gibbs’ voice was on their latest release.

Given the premiere of new song ‘Time’ on the Radio 1 Rock Show however, the changeover has been seamless. Greens’ addition to the lineup has shown no stopping the creative ingenuity pouring out from the band, as the new track sounds like the logical successor to anything found on Empire of Light. 

The only challenge now is to see how the new frontman holds up in the live environment. Catch them this Sunday 6th October at Ivory Blacks for what is guaranteed to be a showcase of one of Britain’s best metal acts. Get down the front and make Green feel right at home.

[Scott Wilson]

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