Reflektor’ is the new single from Arcade Fire set to take them to new electro heights, as the first track released from their new album of the same name.

As you would expect from Arcade Fire the new single is highly catchy but also it is a lot more ‘chart’ than you would usually expect from the band, albeit done in their distincitve tasteful way. The fact that it proves easy-listening whether in the background or at full blast demonstrates that Arcade Fire are a very versatile band and it’s exciting to see them exploring the new realm of electro pop. If ‘Reflektor’ is anything to go by it sounds as if they are going to be very successful, moving away from the cosy feelings of tracks such as ‘No Cars Go’ and ‘Wake Up’ to bring in an upbeat indie-dance sound. Whilst in theory that might sounds awful but Arcade Fire could well be the guys to make it work and bring dance and chart to indie lovers everywhere. Qmunicate is expecting a lot from this upcoming album and can’t wait for its release on October 29th.

[Mhairi Bruce]

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