The record’s most immediately striking feature is its sense of movement and continuity. Scattergood puts great care into piecing each song together into one all encompassing pallet, like a collection of short stories. It’s a true album and requires an unabridged listen to fully appreciate its creators’ vision. Cuts like inevitable single ‘Falling’ and hushed closer ‘I’ve Got a Heart’ really exemplify her use of soulful, unpredictable metaphor coupled with a brilliant ear for melody. Like the best poetry, the lyrics demand your imagination, making each listener create their own individual setting and subject matter, whilst her ethereal, variable vocals further aid the records passion for true art. Even when her voice lacks strength, her choice in instrumentation prevents this being a weakness, with no power struggle for precedence in the production. However a few flaws remain; sometimes her more personal songs fall into twee territory. ‘Miss You’, for instance, is too much of a kooky-pop-ballad in its content and and falls into a piano trudge too similar to her contemporaries. ‘Machines’ too, is where her imagery fails to go beyond a much used dull call for personality amongst the masses. Nonetheless Polly Scattergood remains unique and inventive enough to warrant a listen in its entirety!

[Dom MacInnes]


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