Irish heartthrob Hozier is absolutely and utterly set to become the next big thing. Hailing from Dublin, he harmoniously mixes a soulful, gospel sound that Lana Del Rey would be proud of with The Black Keys classic rock tendencies.

The title track, ‘Take Me to Church,’ is twenty first century blues with impeccable lyrics and brimming with passion. His vocal delivery is reminiscent of the likes of The National and Manchester Orchestra. If you’re thinking of giving wee Hozier a go this song should be first on your download quota. The euphoric blend of jazz, soul and rock carries on into the next track, ‘Like Real People Do’ – a hipster wedding soundtrack with beautiful gospel backing and fresh, rasping vocals.

Finally, something that might make you sick to the stomach with jealousy is the context behind the EPs last track, ‘Cherry Wine’. And just as we envisage cherry wine to be like, it is gorgeous. But, this song was filmed live. At 6am. On an abandoned hotel rooftop. Yes, it is okay to have tingles right now.

Hozier bears the crisp pleasantness of bands like Stornoway – but just shaken up a tad, with a little extra Irish cream.

[Emmie Harrison]


  1. This reviewer knows her sounds….never heard of Hozier until I read this. Now I’m a total convert and I’ll be buying the EP download as fast as my MB/s allows me. More recommendations please Emmie!!!

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