Art School – 08/10

Splashh are one those bands that attempt to recreate former glories with a modern twist; in their case, fuzzy psychedelia. Due to the popularity and shortcomings of this approach amongst their contemporaries, it’s tempting to assume they’ll be like the majority; a vapid throwback failing to capture the magic of decades gone.

Upon taking the stage, the close atmosphere is awash with a wall of guitar noise and piercingly simple keyboard lines invoking bev sessions and summer sing-alongs. Immediately it’s clear they strike a chord with the chorus fan

From Britpop heavy lyrical content about life’s’ simple pleasures to Jefferson Airplane instrumental interplay and unpredictability, their sonic influences range far and wide. The audience reacts accordingly, with the lairy drunks embroiled in a torrent of perpetual motion while inches away art school hipsters stand stock still like they are witnessing an orator of Platonic proportions. It’s an interesting contrast, and Splashh deserve every credit for catering to opposite ends of the audience spectrum, certainly boding well for the inevitable future festival slots. Indeed, their spirit of fun and effortlessness also works wonders in such an intimate venue. One craves eye contact with the band in an effort to almost join what they’re playing, as they remain receptive to the audience’s reactions and never once appear as aloof as many stylistically similar bands do. The evening as an entirety is over remarkably quickly. With little inter-song banter, they prefer to rely on their music to build a relationship with the audience.

Seemingly unfazed by a heavy touring schedule, Splashh seem aware that now is the time to take the band to another level and they deserve the best of luck in doing so.

[Dom MacInnes]

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