Breton, Cloud Control, Local Natives – Arches – 21/10

Before Local Natives drenched the cramped subterranean Arches in colour, Australian indie-rockers Cloud Control created a surf-pop fusion that was truly intoxicating. Before the glaze of luminescence settled however the Swansea based Breton were on hand to open the show.

Breton’s electronic eccentricities and well woven synthetic drum beats sustained their 30 minute set. As they progressed further into the evening, the fuzzy haze from the guitars increased and a thumping bass scale pulsated heavily. Their style, reminiscent of Friendly Fires is easily recognizable and for anyone looking to delve further into synthetic indie music, then the Breton boys fit the bill.

Unfortunately, much of their performance lacked a sense of originality with the group seemingly happy to play it safe, continuing with a sound that many feel has been squeezed dry. Even the exciting and technically inventive drumming was drowned out by tedious reverb-laden guitar and predictable bouncy keyboards. Towards the end of Breton’s set, the keys were somewhat of an annoyance with only the heavy hitting bass notes keeping a few pockets of the crowd awkwardly swaying.

The Arches is a beautiful place for playing expansionist, experimental music and both Cloud Control and Local Natives seemed to rise to the occasion, delivering edgy, passionate performances. Breton on the other hand were too content and repetitive to connect with the early audience and so many of the crowd returned to drinking. Maybe the young band were nervous, maybe they had a shit night beforehand and couldn’t really be bothered to strike up a connection with the people watching. Whichever circumstance, they will have to be more inventive and future gigs.

[Arron Cockell]

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