King Tuts – 26/10

Saturday night at King Tuts was a night for many new bands out to get their unique sound heard by a new group of listeners. The melancholic folk-fusion of Dancing Years started off the show and their Yorkshire twang scored well with the many of the crowd. By contrast, their subtle, bittersweet atmosphere was soon shattered into a thousand pieces when the energetic three piece Poor Things jolted and jived onto the stage; interacting with rowdy members of the crowd and having a good time. With such a diversity already presented, Electric Soft Parade were set to do as they please.

A personal soundcheck from the Brighton brothers was an endearing moment which pumped up the audience and gave them an extra zest of excitement before the group dived into the fray of Glasgow’s music scene. By the time Electric Soft Parade finally took to the stage and plugged in their array of instruments they were treated to a homecoming-like welcome from fans of all ages. From the very first notes of sixties psych guitar it was clear it was going to be an intense set. Orchestral keyboards mixed in with pop drum samples to create a pendulum of movement within both the crowd and the band. Alex and Thomas White fluctuated between new tracks from their 2013 Idiots LP and old favourites which really connected with their passionate followers.

The gig became more personal as the set swung deeper into the closing hours, with tracks combining slick guitar riffs and percussion solos before tailing into acoustic sweetness. The amps and microphones went off but the 5-piece did not want to stop. Jumping into the crowd, a soft goodbye tune broke out, leaving the audience whistling as they left for home.

[Arron Cockell]

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