King Tut’s – 16/10/13

The Jim Jones Revue are an astonishing live act that are not to be missed, and their recent gig at King Tut’s cements this reputation.

The Amazing Snakeheads set a lightning pace to the night, barrelling through their set with sheer confidence, raw delivery, and a fantastic stage presence that is often hard to find in support bands. Angry Glaswegian rock n’ roll goes down well with the crowd who, although remaining pretty motionless, hollered their appreciation right back at frontman Dale Barclay. The majority are quite clearly won over by the end of the night, and the band finish their stretch of the tour with a brilliant show under their belt and a bunch of new fans.

But it’s The Jim Jones Revue that everyone has been waiting for, and the band certainly does not disappoint. Their contemporary take on piano driven rock n’ roll, combined with elements of punk rock and swing, gets everyone dancing. Jim Jones and co. move seamlessly from one song to the next, still managing to maintain the element of chance and unpredictability that is at the core of all great live acts. They dedicate the first half of their set solely to their latest album, a bold move for any band, but proof that TJJR have gone from strength to strength since the release of their first album and show no signs of stopping.

The second half of the night is a treat for the fans, as Jim Jones shouts out for requests and the crowd get a chance to choose the set. Favourites like ‘The Princess and the Frog’ and ‘High Horse’ get the reception they deserve, but this is also a chance for the band to play some of their lesser known but equally exciting songs.

For the uninitiated the night is proof that TJJR should be their new favourite band; for old fans it’s confirmation that they have chosen wisely. TJJR provide us with rock’n’roll of the highest order and everyone needs to start paying attention.

[Louisa Burden]

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