King Tuts – 17/10

Climbing up the King Tuts’ stairway whilst your eyes are gazing in awe at a time-lapse of bands who have played the venue, you hit a crowded black cloak, only realizing you are next to the stage when you are pretty much on top of it. That black cloak was removed by the quirky, synthesized, instrument-swappers John Wizards as they broke into hypnotic jives of melodic guitars and effects. The South African band delivered an uplifting performance, readying the audience for Jagwar Ma’s bass orientated vibes.

The crowd were apprehensive of what the Australian three-piece would open with but ‘What Love’ soon created a flow of excitement. The building tones of psychedelic dance sounds induced a subtle euphoria and an extended version of ‘Uncertainty’ even made the bouncers smile. One new track seemed to drift past the audience but it still formed a worthy bridge into their big single ‘The Throw’ which saw Gabriel Winterfield shake his body exuberantly and give absolutely everything with his vocals.

Waves of energy seemed to roll off the stage due to the volumes the three-piece wrenched from their instruments, but the crowd’s intensity only encouraged Jagwar Ma to push further, whilst an introductory chord from ‘Talk Tonight’ by Oasis nodded to the bands’ ‘Madchester’ heritage. The curfew was close but Jagwar Ma ensured that audience would leave the King Tuts venue in a lively fashion. Synthetic beats fed into pulsating bass and reverbed vocals, whilst a glossy light show enhanced the feeling of rapture. The Australians left Glasgow having delivered a live performance that was personal and vivid, sure to convince their fans that they know how to fuse light and sound.

[Arron Cockell]

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