Jake Morley’s Many Fish To Fry is the debut of a favourite on London’s live circuit. Recorded to reflect his reputation as a live artist, Many Fish To Fry is a stripped down, focused effort that focuses on storytelling and instrumental proficiency. Morley has a remarkable ear for catchiness and pop sensibility in his writing and his lap style guitar rhythms re-imagine a pop driven Andy McKee with excellent melodies and poetic lyrics. His emotive instrumentation, chirpy voice and everyday lyric content create a wholesome package. The lack of electronic equipment adds an undeniable skill to the two or three songs easily imaginable on radio. Acoustic artists rarely score radio hits but Morley could be an exception due to his infectious energy. He conjures images of a city boy getting by through the support of others, with as much humour and all the ups and downs a storyteller’s album needs. Records of this subject matter have a tendency to slip into the cliches of the singer songwriter. Morley does his job excellently, he might be lost to a territory saturated with similar artists.

[Dom MacInnes]

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