This Hertfordshire three piece are being tipped to revitalize and revive the British rock market with their new singles like ‘Defection’ and ‘Mimic.’ An early explosion with popular singles has earned them comparisons to acts such as Stereophonics, Depeche Mode and The Editors, and that has done them no harm in trying to develop their sound into a pop chiming rock loop.

‘Defection’ is an anecdote of this rise; the guitars open up with a sorrowful, deep sound which achieved with paced picking movements, and the heavy cymbal based percussions feeds in with drumming bass. It is instantly catchy and addictive to to listen to and it is easy to see where the weighty comparisons derive from. Once the dark vocals of inevitable love and hopeless surrender mesh with the clean cut guitar notes, the listener feels the sense of pining love and loss that Kilto take so skilfully evoke. However, the 4 minute long track does seem to enter into a de-ja-vu sequence and the spark only fizzes instead of banging.

A catchy start for Kilto Take has extended their fan base to an impressive size for a new band, but Medical record’s new mantelpiece will need to experiment a little more in order to really develop their own image. No band wants to live in a shadow.

[Arron Cockell]

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