If there ever was a time to imagine Placebo going metal, this was it. Darlia are a young and foolish three piece boy band with baby faces and heaps of talent. On perhaps one of their biggest tours supporting soon-to-be famous The Family Rain, King Tut’s was an incredible baptism of fire as they kickstart their career in the big, bad music business.

With a set consisting of entirely their own songs, it was clear to see exactly why these nineteen year olds are already making more money than your average student. The lead singer was the epitome of a young Kurt Cobain, with shaggy bleached locks and a tangy, brooding voice. Whereas the rest of the band focused on blaring quirky riffs in the style of The Arctic Monkeys and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Beating NME to a scoop, Emmie Harrison sat down with the group before their first Glasgow show to chat about undercover cops, the Chuckle Brothers and their new lives on the road.

So, tell me a bit about yourself. What was the first song that you ever heard that made you want to become part of this business?

Nathan (lead singer) – It just happened really!

Dave (bassist) – I just had the classic, mum and dad play seventies records, listen to that as well as pop music and you just graduate from there, don’t you?

N – You’re consciously living with the music your parents play.

Are you excited for the tour with The Family Rain? has it been mad? You all look so young, how old are you!?

N – Yeah it’s been good! How old do you think we are?

*Once we’ve established that yes I am old, and yes they are young we carry on*

Are you enjoying the rock and roll lifestyle, do you drink and party?

N –Not really, there’s more water than booze in that fridge isn’t there? I’ve had nine pints…

Jack (drums) – Mate I would love to see you on nine pints!

N – I wouldn’t be able to see.

N – Are you a real interviewer? You’re definitely a policewoman promoting illegal things.

*Tangent bitching about Smaug’s voice in The Hobbit; domestic about it being better than Harry Potter. Then Nathan was dickish and asked if I was typing “this sentence he was saying right now. And this. And this? Even this sentence? Every. Last. Thing?”…”Whilst you’re typing this up you’re hearing me saying this sentence?” Threats to ‘accidentally lose’ the interview’*

What band would you say inspired you?

N – Honestly, not in a negative way but I just don’t think there really is. We don’t try to make anything sound like anyone else. We can appreciate what people and other bands do but nothing really affects the way we sound. It literally sounds the way it is, because that is the way it is. It is what it is! We’re not trying to sound like rock and roll; how can you make rock and roll sound different? We don’t want it to. We’re not inventors, we’re musicians.

If you could tour with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would that be?

N – The Chuckle Brothers

J – They’re not dead mate.

N – They don’t have to be dead! Definitely the Chuckle Brothers. We’d warm up the fans. We’d be the support act! The fifty year old women who would be there are like our fans.

J – Fidlar! Yeah, they’d be cool.

D – System of a Down, definitely.

N – Maybe we could make it a big tour with all three? Mad.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

N – Well we were in a psychic shop before, but I just don’t want to be back in Blackpool.

D – Anywhere in the world but Blackpool in five years time!

N – It’s a tough question, I can’t think that far ahead.

Finally, do you have any last words for people who haven’t listened to you before? What advice would you give them?

N – Why haven’t you heard of us?

J – No, no! It should be “to me, to you.”

N – “To me, to you.”

[Emmie Harrison]

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  1. Hilarious! This the funniest interview I’ve read since Noel and Liam’s legendary “Wibling Rivalry” days. Stardom beckons for interviewees and the interviewer. Superb stuff.

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