Broadcast – 26/11

The Chilean progressive trio submerged Broadcast’s basement with fluctuating guitar rhythm and motorik bass notes.

However, before them the supporting band Dead Temple set the atmosphere to a tee. The Glaswegians piled on psychedelic tones and seductive vocals in a set that was not only creative and impressive throughout, but it was played with real passion. At the climax, spiralling guitar sequences looped smoothly with the reverb and gain, the bass tripped in and out of the painful screams and the heavy cymbal action finalised this provoking set.

Sweat was rising already in the front row and the vibe travelling around in the atmosphere was not short of a drug high as Follakzoid squeezed onto the small stage, already filled with amplifiers, interesting effect pedals and instantly burst into a cosmic blast of sound. Building guitar progressions brought the majority to a hypnotic stand-still. As the hair flew from the Chileans, the feel of Neu! and Hawkwind certainly reverberated within their wall of sound.

Bodies throwing liquid shapes clashed with stationary figures during an effortless forty minutes of continuity. The vibrancy of the bass allowed the guitar scales to flow fearlessly. A deep drum loop wrapped around with distinctive strings gave the performance an early seventies krautrock feel and a half an hour or more of playing only felt like the start of the gig.

A final progressive transmission of layered psychedelia lulled watchers into deep thought, before the band departed the stage suddenly with little fanfare. A huge, well deserved applause only just reached the three-piece as they darted back behind the curtains. Stunned by the performance, many flocked to see what merchandise was on offer after an intriguing, modern-day musical show.

[Arron Cockell]

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