The Linkin Park lads risk sounding like Clubland ’93 with their most recent remixes album Recharged. Heart palpitation and shallow breath inducing, this uneasy-listening album is chock to the brim with intoxicating dubstep. LP are almost unrecognisable through the junkie rave backtracks and tacky garage sounds. In fact the best part of the album are the snippets of the LP originals, making you appreciate the real boys all the more.

Opener ‘A Light That Never Comes’ nails the art of the remix just right; however, it is still an overwhelmingly far cry from the boys of Meteora we once knew. Despite the gradually faltering state of Linkin Park on their most recent albums, the American boys still seem to possess that rough flair that is somewhat forgivable. However, although acceptable as a one off, LP need to be wary that if any neon tutus and warehouse techno make an appearance at gigs, die-hard fans will break.

All in all, easy to accept as a one off but it seems that Linkin Park have gotten rid of the snake bites and angry grunts and replaced them with tattoos of galaxies and green strobe lighting. Plugging lazily into the sounds of 2013 Recharged is far from a welcome reboot.

[Emmie Harrison]

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  1. This make Chester MADDDDDD!!!! Chester must SCREAMMMM…..but over an annoying overuse of Calvin Harris cast off beats. Aye, not their best but I’ll let them off cos they are still ridiculously underrated and overlooked.

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