Deez Nuts, Stray From the Path, Obey the Brave, Relentless – Cathouse – 27/11

So here we are again, Cathouse on Wednesday night. Tonight’s gig doesn’t attract the usual fringed crowd with dip-dyed hair and Black Veil Brides merch, because ’Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like There’s No Tomorrow’!

The show opens up with average Aussie hardcore from a bunch called Relentless and then British rockers Heart In Hand. More melodic than the rest of the bands tonight, HIH drop in some catchy breakdowns and distinct screams but what would have been an alright set ends in confusion, as vocalist Charlie Holmes throws a glass of water into the crowd and walks away without a word.

When Obey the Brave take over the stage the crowd starts to move properly for the first time tonight. Mosh pit starts to open and windmills emerge from the fantastic energy that these Canadians give out. Full of heavy drops and breakdowns they remind everyone what hardcore truly is, with ‘Get Real’ sending the crowd into ecstacy.

Stray From the Path are as ‘true hardcore’ as it gets tonight with aggressive politicised lyricsthat deliver powerful messages through powerful music. Songs like ‘Fake Flag’ and ‘Badges and Bullets’ get the crowd moving and they have recently released an album Anonymous, so if you are into anti-establishment music, this might be the right thing for you.

Unlike SFTP, Deez Nuts open up the show with ‘Shot After Shot’ which pretty much sets the mood for the rest of the night. These guys from Australia/US know how to throw a party and get the crowd going. All their songs are anthems, especially older ones like ’Stay True’ or ‘Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You’ but tracks from their newest album Bout it are not too far behind. Vocalist JJ Peters doesn’t have to make a lot of effort with the chorus – the crowd sings it for him.

Finishing the night with the song ‘Band of Brothers’ (originally performed with Sam Carter from Architects) every person in the crowd grabs their brother as they sing along to this DTD anthem of friendship.

[Tanya Gersiova]

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